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SylaTech PLEXIGLAS®- Anaerobic Glovebox

PLEXIGLAS® glove box for anaerobic work.

Removable polycarbonate front screen

2 glove rings diameter 200mm

2 glove box gloves

1 lock made of stainless steel, electropolished, diameter 200m, length 300mm

2 radially sealing removable covers

1 manometer on the lock

2 ball valves on the lock

1 stainless steel bottom plate

1 vacuum pump to evacuate the lock

Gas cleaning for long-term work in an oxygen-free atmosphere O2 < 1ppm

Circulation of the gas volume over a copper catalyst

SylaTech PLEXIGLAS®- Anaerobic Glovebox

27.965,00 €

  • 420 kg